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Fact be told, this newfangled cuisine coined as Indian Chinese actually lives. It’s true; it’s even characteristic on Wikipedia. But opposing to popular belief, it isn’t all that fashionable. Desi Chinese actually dates back to a small number of hundred years ago created by the miniature Chinese restaurants in Framingham from the Hakka district that settled in Kolkata in the late 19th century. And sooner than you knew it, this version of “Chinese” food had tickled the savor buds of people all over India adopting it in their own mode, beginning Chinese Bhel Puri to Chinese Idli, spring rolls in canteens to momos on the road. Simply put, it is the Indian reworked copy of Chinese cooking techniques and seasonings with an inimitable tadka. It’s intended at pleasing our desi palate, with a larger offering of vegetarian dishes of course.

This is why a bulk of restaurants dedicates a section of their bill of fare to Chinese food. This is not now the case in India. People crossways the world, especially in Malaysia, Singapore and North America; surprisingly enjoy this cuisine to no end. While Cantonese cuisine is sugary Sichuan is spicy and Shangdong is crunchy and tangy. The Chinese employ ingredients like chow sum, bok choy, watercress, Sichuan pepper, ma po tofu and additional in their food. The most widespread culinary styles in Indian Chinese include Szechwan which is a burning red sauce and Manchurian which is a sugary and salty brown sauce. Chinese Gourmet Framingham is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Framingham that has become the preferred choice for many. So, come! Visit us! We bet you won’t be disappointed!



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