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You can not be a revolutionary if you do not eat chillies. When chilli made its way to china, the Hunanese were one of its earliest adopters. Hunan cuisine is also known as Xiang cuisine. Hot peppers are the unique feature of the Hunan dishes which is very spicy and makes use of chillies and dried peppers. The food tends to go for bold savory tastes, chilli-hot tastes, and sour-hot tastes. As one of the oldest cuisines in the world, Chinese food is spreading its name and taste across the world by so far and still continues to adjust to local tastes.

Are you planning to taste ambrosial, a song of spice and fire- the Hunan food? Do not forget to dine out or order online from China Gourmet Framingham as they are the best in town to offer you with real Hunan dishes. Some exotic recipes like Gong Bao Chicken, Ginger shrimp &Fusion Tuna ball are prepared by the most talented, professional and expert chefs in town.

It is truly worthwhile to eat at restaurants that offer true flavours of Hunan cuisine with authenticity in their menus or recipes. You would be amazed to have experience how different Hunan cooking is from its confusing Sichuan cousin. So, if you are the one not to afraid from degree of spice and hotness on your palate come and taste some Hunan food at China Gourmet Framingham as it is one of the highly recommended restaurants for its customer services and food quality.



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